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Mamie Jacqueline

Mamie Jacqueline

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Date d'inscription : 01/09/2016
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MessageSujet: Mamie   Dim 11 Sep - 0:55

If you have not heard about my story then, you should go. What !? You're still there ? Jeez, don't stand like that in front of me, I have things to do ! What do you mean i' m an old lady who doesn't have anything to do in her life anymore ! Damn kids ! You don't deserve my story, i'm outta here !! ... Ho, hey there ! Wanna hear about my story !? Good good, now sit and prepare to be amaze!

I didn't have any kids or grandkids. I was about to in my late 20. I was 8 month pregnant. I was never been that big before. I was crying every night because I was fat, but my husband... My lovely husband always took care of me. He change my mood by been the most amazing person in the world. We were perfect for each other ... We loved the forest. We were living in a tiny little house full of crack, weird sound and the city noise. In the middle of that city, we were unhappy because we were about to have a baby and no place to put him or her. My husband decide to move to a better place. A little far from the city, to the left theres was a beautiful forest. With our lifestime saving, we bought a little piece of yard and build a comfy little house for our lovely baby. We didn't know this, but that yard was belonging to a rich man. When he saw that we bought that place, he starts to charge us extra money. That we didn't have obviously. Nobody want to live in that forest, because there was an old voodoo lady. There was a myth about her that if you stay in the forest a long time, you'll be curse. But, we didn't care, we just wanted to be far away from the city. We just want to be around nature. We were more afraid of that man. He was so mean, he didn't care about us, our house or coming baby. He just wanted our cash. I didn't have the choice to work, i got tired so easily with the baby. My back was hurting, i was nauseating, i didn't eat much because we didn't have money. My husband did the best he can to have jobs, pay the rent, pay the debts, take care of me. We were getting sick. Someday, we couldn't take this anymore, we could'nt pay anymore, so 1 week, 2 week, 3 week without paying the rich man. He got mad. That guy was crazy. We couldn't left this place, we had nowhere to go. No money, no energy. We were suppose to be happier. But each time we got down, we go outside and enjoy the peace and calm that nature can offer us. Everything was so beautiful.

So one day, that rich man guy, send his guards to take us down... When we were sleeping... Before sunshing, they put fire to our house.. The one that we built for us, the only left thing that we cherish and love... This is when my husband... You know... Give his life for me... We were trap and... He saves me... I remember his last word, and cant get this out of my head. "Run my love... i love you so much".

What happen next ? You still want to know how I become this old weird voodoo lady ?! Argg. Alright. Its nothing really. You damn kids are so curious theses days !

When I got the force and courage to let my only and truly love burn.. and die.. I stare at the house burning, all we got was in there. I was in trense. Can't stop staring. My head was turning, my stomach hurting. The only hope for me was to run away. I snapped out of my confusion when I heard a guard yell at me to stay where I was. This is when I start running.. well maybe more jogging, you know I was 8 month pregnant, I wasn't really fast. I remember fire, burning everything beside me. I can hear them yelling at me. That makes me wanna go more fast. Watching every step I make to not fall.

I was really far in the forest, the fire still going on but i cant hear no one. I was alone, in the middle of the forest, 8 month pregnant, hungry and tired of this life. I didn't deserve this, not him, not the little one. I sat down on a tree to breathe deeply. Still not realizing what's really happening in the past 20 minutes. I started crying. Waterfall down my eyes. Keeping my hands on my mouth to stay quiet. I couldn't stop. I cried till noon. Then i got really hungry. I start looking for fruit or little animal. And i needed to find a new home, in that forest. Iwas telling myself that I wouldn't never let myself returning to the ''real'' world. Damn this, i'm staying here, where everything is beautiful. Trees, animals, flowers name it. I remember finding a water source and try to replant what was burned.

What!!? I can't you interrupt me?! I'm an ancestor of this planet! Can you be a little respectful you ingrated kid ! What, you want to know how I lose my baby? I was going to ! Let me finish my story kids!

Like I said, when I found this water source, this beautiful water with little fishy and a nice waterfall. I was sitting on the big rock, just letting my feet touching the water, it was cold. I was there, eyes closed, breathing. Feeling ok, not so good but you know, keeping alive ! When I got up, with difficulties because I was fat, one of my foot slipped on the wet rock and i fell in the water. Unfortunatly, my stomach hit something, it hurts so bad that it stop my breathing for a second. I was screaming, trying to get out of that glacial water. When I saw that I was bleeding, I started to panicked. I tried to patch it up, stop the bleeding but I was so weak. I was laying down in the ground, so weak, about to pass out. The last thing I saw was that shadow of a human body. I'm almost finished ! Calm youself ! I know it's a long story, a long and sad story, but I didn't turn out so bad right?! ... Nevermind, let me finish that story.

I woke up in a cave beside a fire feeling so empty inside. I was covered with flowers, leaves and bones. It smelled weird too. I started to cry when I touched my belly. It wasn't there anymore...I lost it. The only thing left that I own is gone forever. An old hand touched me and reconforted me. At this point, I didn't care who it was or what this person is going to do with me. That old lady looked like that voodoo person the people were talking about. She spoke to me and says :

''The spirit told me to saves your baby and you. Unlucky, I wasn't able to save your baby. But you're alive, you are so much stronger than you think. Stay with me, learn from me. Spirits will guide you through this.''

ANNNNND then I become a Shaman and since I more happy then ever. I do scare people in the wood sometimes... because you know.. we need to get distracted ! Now go ! Get off my face! Don't want to see your stupid ass here anymore !
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